Meet The Vendor – Q&A

Where: 15 Meredith Drive, Broadbeach Waters QLD

When: Sunday, July 20

Time: Preview from 9:30am, Auction starts at 11am


Charleston’s are renown for bringing you some amazing home content offerings from some truly remarkable homes around Australia.   

This weekend is no exception.

Charleston’s has the rights to auction the contents from this wonderful waterfront property in Broadbeach Waters, Queensland, that has been furnished over the decades by a family of avid travelers and keen collectors. We take a moment to chat with the owner about her home, her contents and her move.


  1. What’s your favourite item that will be up for sale at your Home Contents Auction?

Probably my crystal – I have collected a lot of crystal over the years. The Lalique glasses are beautiful; they were a wedding present so that’s going back a while. There’s Waterford wine glasses too and goblets. I’ll miss them but it’s time to move on.


  1. Are there any interesting stories about any of the items?

Well aside from the crystal the other thing I’m really going to miss is an antique 18th century carved chair, I think it’s Ventian. Now, I bought it at a house auction in Melbourne 51 years ago and everyone remarks on that chair. I have no idea as to its value but I’ve carted it around the world with me.


  1. How would you describe the contents and the style of your home?

Eclectic; very eclectic. My husband worked with General Motors so we’ve lived in all sorts of places and picked up stuff from everywhere and carted it all back here. My daughter says I’m a hoarder and I’ve always said I’m not, I just have a lot of collections. But when I started opening up cupboards and looking at all the wonderful things… I realised she’s probably right! I am!


  1. What are you most interested in to see if it sells?

There’s a nice, large Lladro piece, a full bose sound system… There’s a German made model of the Bounty in a glass tank I carried from Mauritius, very valuable and very unique.

I’ve got gadgets galore too, for everything you’ve ever needed in the kitchen, I have a gadget for it. I think Adam (the auctioneer) is going to faint when he sees how many thing there are. I’ve even got Charles Jourdan shoes I’ve only warn once


  1. What led you to the decision of holding a Home Content Auction? 

It was very fortuitous actually. I was thinking to myself I want to get rid of everything so I was going to send things to the auction house and on that same day a Charleston’s Home Content Auction booklet arrived in the mail that made up my mind for me, too easy. That booklet couldn’t’ have arrived at a better time.


Charleston’s Fine Art Auctions have proudly pioneered a rich tradition in Australia of Home Content Auctions. A Home Content Auction is a clever way to discover rare treasures, affordable designer furniture, home decor and unique artworks at a fraction of retail costs.


We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 15 Meredith Drive, Broadbeach Waters QLD 42118


Preview from 9:30am. Auction starts at 11:30am

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