Max is your quintessential outback artist. Everything colourful, vivid and quirky about rural Australian life is perfectly captured by Mannix’s brush. From the age of 16 the Nyah-West native has been droving, mustering and shearing his way across the great Australian outback. Unsurprisingly it is these experiences, these sights and these sounds that gave form to his humourous depictions of the people and places featured in his art. Mannix cites the works of Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson as an inspiration and happily trades in the same larrikinism and dry Aussie humour as his these two giants of Australian literary … Continued

Feature Artist: Pro Hart

The miner turned artist is one of Australia’s most endearing characters; an iconic, artistic powerhouse and the epitome of your larrikin Aussie bloke. He was the people’s painter. It’s as amusingly predictable as it is confounding that it would be the whining lamentations of a cleaning lady from an 80’s TV commercial for stain resistant carpets ‘Oh Mr Hart, what a mess!” that would make Pro a household name. His iconic dragonfly, so richly rendered out of chocolate cake, raspberry sauce and lashings of vino all generously applied by Pro’s belly, was how most people came to understand his style. … Continued

You’ve Been Framed!

Charleston’s Master Auctioneer Adam Kant takes a minute to discuss the finer points of perfect framing.   Q: Why should you frame your art? A: It adds value to the piece, it protects it, and a frame is how you present that art to the world. You wouldn’t put Datsun seats in a Mercedes… At Charleston’s many of our works are sold in frames –  we take framing very seriously.   Q: Do you ever get any requests to change the frames on these artworks? A: Sometimes. We sold a Zhong Chen last week that was a little bit too … Continued

Today’s Feature Artist: Geoff Dyer

Our feature artist this week is the irrepressible landscape master, Geoff Dyer. Yet aside from his evocative and broody landscapes for which he is most famous, the Tasmanian born master is equally adept at portraiture. He paints one portrait per year of a fellow Tasmanian, and since 1993 Dyer has been shortlisted ten times for the country’s most prestigious portrait prize, the AGNSW’s Archibald. In 2003 Dyer won the coveted prize with his depiction of author Richard Flanagan. He’s also been a finalist for the Wynne Prize an impressive 9 times. This Tasmanian theme dominates his landscapes too; you’d be … Continued

Springwood Feature Artist: David Bromley

David Bromley The Lookout (Children Series) Bromley wasn’t born in Australia, but like all great artists who moved here in their youth, it seems only fair we claim him as one of our own.  He was 4 when his family migrated from Sheffield in the UK so it seems only fair – it’ll also explain the quaint, near typical British whimsy and boys-own style for which he has become renown. Bromley is currently feeling the love for his two unique themes; the female portrait and the Children’s series. The latter are wildly popular. His palette and his compositions are deeply … Continued

Mornington Feature Artists – Bruce Earles

Bruce Earles  Phantom Bird Cove Bold, bright and busy. These are the hallmarks of one of Australia’s most celebrated and popular modern artists. But there’s more to Bruce and his work than a bird’s eye view of landscapes. Born in 1953, Earles’ first forays into formal art education came via Monash Uni in Melbourne  in 1979 where he earned his Grad Diploma in Art Education. He rejoined academia in the late 90’s and was awarded his Masters (Hons) from Western Sydney Uni in 1998, and a doctorate in 2002.  He’s the epitome of what you’d call a professional artists. In … Continued


Jasper Knight –  Isuzu Cement Truck There are very few artists whose work is so idiosyncratically identifiable as Jasper Knight’s. He’s bright, bold, graphic and prolific. His popularity is due as much to his everyday subject matter as it is to the unique construction materials he works with, opting for Masonite and plywood over canvas and more traditional mediums. This constructive feel of his work is honest and sensible – subject, material and style. Combing surfaces such as Perspex with enamel paint gives Knight’s work an ultra high gloss that makes it a favourite amongst art buyers.