Charleston’s was formed in 1997 by a group of like-minded individuals who shared a passion for art. We also had a common belief: though art can be defined as ‘fine’, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be elitist nor affordable only to high net worth individuals and multinational corporations.

By creating Australia’s first and, by far, most successful travelling art auction house, we regularly bring quality works of art to Australia’s capital cities and major regional centres.  Why?

Art is for everyone.

From the very beginning we’ve acted on this tenet, making art accessible in price and in its acquisition. We strive to present our online auctions in an atmosphere that’s fun, entertaining and worth returning to on the merit of that alone.

We specialise in fine art from leading Australian, Aboriginal and international artists, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of what we’re about. We also specialise in quality bronze sculptures, as well as Persian, Oriental and contemporary carpets.

The other side to our business model is Home Content Auctions. We help people obtain high quality pre-cherished household items – from furniture to decorative homewares – at a fraction of store prices.

Our commitment to professionalism is renown. We are members of all the industry’s peak bodies, we guarantee the authenticity of our catalogues, we love what we do and we’ll go to exceptional lengths to ensure your experience and your purchase are completely satisfying.

All auctions, whether they’re for fine art, household items, real estate, livestock or even old farm machinery, are about entertainment as much as they are about buying and selling. Everyone who watches should leave feeling that they’ve had a great time and got value for money.

Our Team