Dr Suess’ Naked & Famous

The Seven Lady Godivas: The True Facts Concerning History’s Barest Family. Beloved children’s author Dr Seuss pioneered an entire field of literature. His literary contributions are unsurpassed and his accolades are profound. The good doctor is one of the world’s most translated authors (and artists) and along with JK Rawlings and perhaps JRR Tokein, his literary classics have enjoyed pheomenal success at the box office for his various film adapatations. As familiar as we all might think we are with his prolific output, as much as we can rattle of rhymes about green eggs and cats in hats, most of … Continued


We all dream of sitting on an accidental fortune. Living in hope is the main reason shows like the Antiques Roadshow have been so wildly popular for so many decades. This here is the show’s single highest valuation and took one battler from the welfare line to the millionaire’s club.. Imagine this man’s face when he learnt his teacups were worth $1.5million. (Gosh, imagine your own face if you got that news). While calling these libation cups ‘teacups’ may not be technically correct, the astounding valuation by any other name is still an astounding valuation. This is the highest valuation … Continued

Slap Yourself Silly

Slap Yourself Silly – Yeowch! You might slap yourself if you miss the Lane Cove art auction on Sunday… but whatever happens this saying takes on a whole new meaning in this short video from the artists at Content Monsters. Here people deliberately, wantonly and even politely slap each other square in the face in the name of art. Yeowch! You might not be able to ‘buy’ this art but you can certainly have a chuckle at the slapfest. Enjoy!