Bronzes: Danny & Adam Discuss

Bronze Sculptures: A Discussion With Danny & Adam   “We never really promote them, they just sell.”   Early on Tuesday morning, June 17 a special delivery truck arrived at the warehouse with a select array of beautiful, large and small bronze sculptures. The whole team paused as we peered into the crate at the wonders within. It was breathtaking. We ahhhhed in unison. So now Danny and Adam take a moment to discuss the Bronze Sculptures and explain why they’re so popular. Adam: They’re beautiful decorative pieces and they suit any interior. The array of styles that we have; … Continued


Matthew Johnson  – First Light Few artists bewitch art lovers like Matthew Johnson. His abstractions steal away the most basic premise of how we view art – our eyes ability to focus, and our minds ability to tell photograph from painting. He toys with us, and the popularity of his work tells us that we adore playing the game with him. The Australian Art Collector magazine sums up his Merge and Side series well enough: “With his variations of shimmer, blur, and fuzz, it’s as if Johnson is withholding the possibility of focus, teasing viewers in a finely crafted display … Continued