From the moment I made my first enquiry I was so impressed by your organisation. From the lead up to the event to the actual auction day itself, you were completely professional and no detail was too big or too small. I was so impressed by the advertising campaign that you paid for that got so many people to my home which lead to a complete clearance of all my unwanted household items. The funds from the sale were also transferred to me the very next day.

I could honestly not think of a better way to sell household goods. Within hours of the completion of the auction my home was completely clear of all items and the home itself was left spotless.

I could not be happier with the process from start to finish and I would highly recommend your services to anybody.

Joel Topping, QLD

From the very first contact with Charleston’s, we were impressed with the level of professionalism and enthusiasm shown by the whole team. While I was slightly anxious about the whole process on the morning of the auction, my concerns were soon dispelled once i saw the team in action. From the marquee set up in the backyard, the registration process right down to the sausage sizzle and free tea and coffee. Danny did an exceptional job auctioning all the items and getting the best price possible. We were delighted with the outcome.

I have worked in business for over 30 years and from my experience it is rare to see such a professional and enthusiastic team. By the end of the auction day all our items had been sold. Our house was left clean and tidy – and empty of all our items for sale!

Thanks again to all the team. We have told all our friends what a great experience it was and we are more than happy to speak with anyone thinking of using your services.

Brenda E, VIC

We were impressed with Adam and his team right from the very first phone call. Nothing was ever too much trouble. We asked a lot of questions, which were answered without hesitation and handled extremely well. We always felt included and consulted. We felt very, very comfortable with the process at all times.

All of the staff were a pleasure to work with. No wonder they are considered the best in the business. We had a great outcome and this was due to the whole team being professional, proficient and friendly. I have already started to recommend Charleston’s to my friends. It is a brilliant, fun and enjoyable way to downsize your belongings!

Narella Flood, VIC

A huge thanks to you for working so hard for us throughout this process. You were right about the public holiday being a good day. The attendance was amazing! The auction has helped us clear an enormous amount in one hit and that takes the pressure off. We have been clearing things for months. 50 years of living in the one home with a huge amount of cupboard space!

I will certainly recommend you to those I feel would be suitable clients for you.

Gabby and Simon, VIC

There literally aren’t enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe my experience with Charleston’s, but I’ll do my best…

The details given to me (prior to the auction) sounded far too good to be true (when he’d finished I remember being stunned and saying “how is it that the entire country doesn’t know about this service??) but I’m ecstatic to report that not only did Charleston’s deliver on every single promise, but the experience was even MORE amazing than expected!

Their team is efficient and professional, and attended to every single element of the process from start to finish! The auction day was incredible, with a ridiculous number of people turning up due to the thorough advertising campaign Charleston’s organises, and Adam was jaw dropping with his relentless energy and auctioneering salesmanship! I was exhausted watching him but he never wavered for a second!

The icing on the cake was that just two days later, every cent from the sale of my possessions was sitting in my bank account! A phenomenal result considering that other auction houses can take up to a month to deliver your money!

Peter Fisher, NSW

Selling our family home of 30 years and downsizing was a daunting and stressful task. We were at a loss about what to do with our beautiful furniture and how to dispose of the very large pieces, until we discovered the wonderful team at Charleston’s. At ever step of the way, we were impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail, and the care they took of us and our items for sale. We were so relaxed knowing we were in good hands, and could not have been more happy with the outcome.

Danny, Adam and the team set up the auction seamlessly, and the auction itself was exciting and fun. We were surprised and delighted to see everything from our precious antiques, to the household ‘nik naks’ being snapped up.

We could also not believe how efficiently and impeccably the team cleaned up afterward. By the next day every piece was gone and all of our earnings were into our bank account. I have not stopped singing Charleston’s praises to anyone who asks.

Mary Atkins, NSW

The advertising was exciting, widespread, & complemented by real estate agents! There were the right number of Charleston’s staff on sight to accommodate all questions, registration, supply a drink of water – no request was too big or too trivial. Indeed it seemed it was second nature to them. And all tasks were performed in a friendly & courteous manner!

I cannot believe that Danny’s voice lasted the distance, but it did. No monotony, a good touch of humour, and I sold everything! Before I knew it, I was back to an even more empty house – with a printout of my inventory and sale prices in hand and an assurance that the money would be deposited into my account promptly. It was. A week later it still seems too good to be true!

Julie Norris, VIC

Early on the auction day, Super-Danny and his Marvellous Team had everything efficiently set up for the preview. It was quite a spectacle in its own right and everybody, friends, visitors and us alike, shared the fun.

Once the auction started, Super-Danny and his Marvellous Team were sheer dynamos! They were able to engage the crowd with heaps of good cheer and good humour. At the end of the day, we not only had a pleasant diversion from our stress of moving overseas, we even sold as good as everything from our household with more money in our pockets than we had hoped for.

Thank you to Super-Danny and his Marvellous Team!

Carole Bois de Chesne, NSW

I would like to thank Charleston’s for conducting our recent home contents auction. You and your amazing team are like a finely tuned instrument. Starting from my original contact with you and right through to the auction day, I was thoroughly impressed with how you co-ordinated everything, culminating in a very successful day.

With several of the kids moving out, we found our home was just too big. However, the thought of what to do with all our stuff was terrifying. Along came Charleston’s, who made the whole process manageable. We didn’t want to do the garage sale or internet thing and I’ve got to say that the Home Contents Auction is the ONLY way to go. Everything is on show and gone in one day. And Adam is a sight to behold as auctioneer, he did not stop for a second during the 4.5 hours of the auction, and neither did any of the rest of the team!

Sue Zarb, NSW