Because you’re smart, and not only with money.
Because you have taste and you have style.
Because every auction provides a new opportunity.
Because auctions are fun and full of surprises.

You buy at auction to get the best price, there’s no secret to it. But we know the allure of an auction goes beyond the savings.

You buy at auction for the unique selections, for thoughtfully curated collections; you go to put yourself in the right place at the right time to find that special piece that belongs in your home. Once you have one of those moments at an auction you’re bound to return.

And you go for the thrill of it. For the hunt, the chase and the win. To try your luck, your skill and your steel. You buy at auction for the fun of it, for the can’t-believe-your-luck of it and all the excitement in the battle of the bid.

Why Buy At A Charleston’s Auction?

We believe in keeping things real, keeping things enjoyable, fun and fair.

We think art is for everybody and so it should be accessible to everybody in price and locality.

We’re committed to the being the best art auction house in Australia. And to be the best auction house not only do we have to provide the best selection of modern and contemporary Australian art for auction, we have to go that step further and bring the art directly to the people who otherwise might never have the opportunity to own their own slice of great Australian art.

We are a small team of reputable Auctioneers and we’re passionate about art. We roam the country to bring you the very best of what we find.

We are proud of what we do and the happiness we bring into people’s lives through art.

We are proud of our inventory and we guarantee our catalogue descriptions.

We are also proud of the way we operate and the industry respect we’ve cultivated since our first auction in 1997. From our industry peers to the artists we showcase, our genuine interest in supporting the arts is well known.

It’s the source of our enthusiasm and our commitment to keeping our customers satisfied.

That’s all fine and well but what YOU think of us is our real pride.

Along with stunning art we strive to supply a comfortable, exciting, entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere at every Charleston’s Auction and we carry that service through from transaction to delivery and anything else you need beyond that.

Thousands of loyal Charleston’s customers will attest; We’re not happy till you’re happy.

Art is about communicating ideas to people, yet for some reason it has been cornered by a very small group. What we’re doing at Charleston’s is making sure that everyone has access to works of art they probably wouldn’t encounter on a day-to-day basis.
Danny Taibel, Director & Auctioneer


We’ve been around for a while, so we are proud to have a long list of loyal clients who’ve been attending our auctions for more than 17 years.

Through experience we know people who buy at auction are people just like you.

  • Those seeking quality fine art for substantially less than gallery prices.
  • Those expecting unique selections at each auction.
  • Those who want their art framed and ready to hang.
  • Those who enjoy all the action of an auction and appreciate the unique experience.
  • Those who pursue the thrill of an unbelievable bargain.
  • Some are happy to peruse the catalogue and see how the bidding goes on the day.
  • Some want inspiration for the home decorating ideas.
  • Most love an outing, something different to do on a Sunday with family and friends.
  • Most enjoy shopping but seek alternatives to malls and online environments.



You can pre-register here, and request a catalogue prior to the day. Or you can register on the day. You are allocated a bidding number at this point on an orange bidding card with that number on it.

You’ll have some preview time before the auction commences. This gives you a chance to inspect the merchandise, chat to our auctioneers and make some decisions.

Once the auction starts the show begins! The auction handlers will present the contents lot by lot, and once a lot you like is up for bidding, get ready! Now the fun begins!


The auctioneer will suggest a price, reserved or otherwise. Raise your bidding card or make a gesture to the auctioneer to meet that price and get the ball rolling.

Here we go! The bids start to come thick and fast as the auctioneer keeps the momentum pumping.

You might bid and go unchallenged. Well done.

Counter bid? Well, how badly do you want the item? How much further is your counter bidder willing to go? YOU determine the market value. Your heart should be pumping but don’t lose your nerve. You gotta be in it to win it. Stay on budget but give yourself a little wiggle room and push the other bidder off the cliff.


Congratulations, you just won your lot. Stay seated if there are other lots you’re waiting on, otherwise it’s time to finalise your transaction.

Take your bidding card back to the registration desk and our customer service agents will issue you an invoice.

Buyers Premium: This is an industry standard auction levy. Your invoice will include the price of the item, inclusive of GST and Charleston’s buyer’s premium of 19.8%. Pay with cash, card or cheque and from there you can pick your item up or organise delivery.

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s unique and it’s the best way to buy fine art without the retail markups.