Just In Time – Free Wine!

We enjoy rewarding our loyal customers and what better way to start the rewards this August than with a bottle of Penfolds Thomas Hyland 2012 Shiraz for our most discerning of clients, that’s you! Our Canberra loyalists. All you need to do to is 1: pre-register here, attend this Sunday’s auction and claim it from the front desk, or 2: turn up on the day, register for the auction and claim when you register. No muss, no fuss, the bottle of Penfold’s red is yours simply for registering for the auction this Sunday, August 3 at the Albert Hall on … Continued

Hyperrealism – More Real Than Real

No one has ever looked once at a hyperrealist image. Even a double-take barely suffices. These images are nothing short of breathtaking, and even if it were just a photograph credit is due for composition, colour and its effect on you as a viewer. But that’s sort of the point. It’s not a photograph. It’s an illustration, a drawing. Be it in graphite, coloured pencil, charcoal or ballpoint pen, a hyperrealist illustration is awesome in execution and often impossible to discern from a hi res digital photograph. And that's the point! When photography first asserted itself as a valid genre … Continued

Dr Suess’ Naked & Famous

The Seven Lady Godivas: The True Facts Concerning History’s Barest Family. Beloved children’s author Dr Seuss pioneered an entire field of literature. His literary contributions are unsurpassed and his accolades are profound. The good doctor is one of the world’s most translated authors (and artists) and along with JK Rawlings and perhaps JRR Tokein, his literary classics have enjoyed pheomenal success at the box office for his various film adapatations. As familiar as we all might think we are with his prolific output, as much as we can rattle of rhymes about green eggs and cats in hats, most of … Continued

Meet The Vendor – Q&A

Where: 15 Meredith Drive, Broadbeach Waters QLD When: Sunday, July 20 Time: Preview from 9:30am, Auction starts at 11am Charleston’s are renown for bringing you some amazing home content offerings from some truly remarkable homes around Australia.    This weekend is no exception. Charleston’s has the rights to auction the contents from this wonderful waterfront property in Broadbeach Waters, Queensland, that has been furnished over the decades by a family of avid travelers and keen collectors. We take a moment to chat with the owner about her home, her contents and her move.   What’s your favourite item that will be … Continued


Playing The Bongos On A Saturday Night by Gillie & Marc Theirs is an uncommon story but an uplifting one. It’s a story that puts their quirky interpretations of the world around them into a relatable context. At it’s simpliest it’s a story of love, of belief, of dreams and of creating a future. Gillie & Marc have followed their hearts’ desires and delivered us into a dreamscape that is both populist and provocative. Theirs is the stuff of movies: They met in Hong Kong many years ago; within 7 days they were married at the foot of Everest. Fast forward … Continued


Max is your quintessential outback artist. Everything colourful, vivid and quirky about rural Australian life is perfectly captured by Mannix’s brush. From the age of 16 the Nyah-West native has been droving, mustering and shearing his way across the great Australian outback. Unsurprisingly it is these experiences, these sights and these sounds that gave form to his humourous depictions of the people and places featured in his art. Mannix cites the works of Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson as an inspiration and happily trades in the same larrikinism and dry Aussie humour as his these two giants of Australian literary … Continued


Hugo & Ziggy Go To The Biennale by Jasper Knight There are very few modern Australian artists whose work is so idiosyncratically identifiable as Jasper Knight’s. He’s bright, bold, graphic and prolific. His popularity is due as much to his ‘discarded’ subject matter as it is to the unique construction materials he works with, opting for surfaces like Masonite and plywood that emulate this ‘discarded’ and constructionist mentality. Combing surfaces such as Perspex with shiny enamel paint gives Knight’s work an ultra high gloss that makes it a favourite amongst art buyers. Jasper himself is a highly awarded artist. A … Continued


We all dream of sitting on an accidental fortune. Living in hope is the main reason shows like the Antiques Roadshow have been so wildly popular for so many decades. This here is the show’s single highest valuation and took one battler from the welfare line to the millionaire’s club.. Imagine this man’s face when he learnt his teacups were worth $1.5million. (Gosh, imagine your own face if you got that news). While calling these libation cups ‘teacups’ may not be technically correct, the astounding valuation by any other name is still an astounding valuation. This is the highest valuation … Continued

Feature Artist: Pro Hart

The miner turned artist is one of Australia’s most endearing characters; an iconic, artistic powerhouse and the epitome of your larrikin Aussie bloke. He was the people’s painter. It’s as amusingly predictable as it is confounding that it would be the whining lamentations of a cleaning lady from an 80’s TV commercial for stain resistant carpets ‘Oh Mr Hart, what a mess!” that would make Pro a household name. His iconic dragonfly, so richly rendered out of chocolate cake, raspberry sauce and lashings of vino all generously applied by Pro’s belly, was how most people came to understand his style. … Continued

Slap Yourself Silly

Slap Yourself Silly – Yeowch! You might slap yourself if you miss the Lane Cove art auction on Sunday… but whatever happens this saying takes on a whole new meaning in this short video from the artists at Content Monsters. Here people deliberately, wantonly and even politely slap each other square in the face in the name of art. Yeowch! You might not be able to ‘buy’ this art but you can certainly have a chuckle at the slapfest. Enjoy!        

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