Playing The Bongos On A Saturday Night by Gillie & Marc

Theirs is an uncommon story but an uplifting one. It’s a story that puts their quirky interpretations of the world around them into a relatable context. At it’s simpliest it’s a story of love, of belief, of dreams and of creating a future. Gillie & Marc have followed their hearts’ desires and delivered us into a dreamscape that is both populist and provocative.

Theirs is the stuff of movies: They met in Hong Kong many years ago; within 7 days they were married at the foot of Everest. Fast forward a few years and the two have united as the one artist producing the universally popular and unique sculptural works for which they have become renown, as well as major oil works that are equally as popular.

The world seems captivated by Gillie & Marc’s work and follows their art with the same vigour with which they followed their own hearts upon meeting each other.  Their art is imbued with the profound love they share with each other, for the world around them, for their children and of course, for their own beloved mutt, muse and feature canine, Moby. Elevating Moby to their featured subject matter is a comment on the nature of love as much as it is a comment against what the artworld traditionally deems fit for such focus. Why not a dog? Why not indeed?

They are the artistic duo and creative powerhouse enjoying unprecedented popularity for their quirky and compelling animal hybrid sculptures and more recently, their oil paintings. If you haven’t seen their work in Bondi’s yearly Sculptures By The Sea you may have seen it at your local café, gallery, corporate office, online art journal or auction house like Charleston’s. It must be said their popularity is propelled by clever commercial acumen as originality and perception.

Fantasy is grounded in the every-day in their distinct take on this paradoxical amalgam of scenarios, in the mash of realities. In their world perfectly sculpted rabbits with breasts ride mopeds, life sized dogs with pecs sip lattes, bang on drums or straddle rhinos ready to waddle across your lounge-room.

Their sculptural works are cast in bronze or molded in plaster and come in a variety of sizes; from tabletop (or laptop if you will) ornamental pieces to life size humanoid dimensions. Their canvas works on the same subject matter are also enjoying an increase in popularity as their star continues to rise.

Gillie and Marc; collectable, enjoyable, relatable, fantastical and highly desirable. They have proven themselves infinitely popular at all our previous auctions and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Below are a select few of the bronze and acrylic works that have graced Charleston’s catalogue this month.

GillieMarc2_sml53be8b024f253.jpg lg_painting_dogvespa_gillie_and_marc53be8b024da67.jpg  GillieMarc-sml53be8b024abf1.jpggillie-marc.JPG   reddog.jpg  GillieM-copy.jpg  deer-copy53be8b024c440.jpeg     1bongo53be8b0247e40.jpeg  gilliemarc-rabbit-copy-3.jpg    gilliemarc_hippo_dog53be8b0249516.jpg   lg_sculpture_bronze_pigrider_gillie_and_marc1-copy53be8b0252160.jpg