Are you selling your home?

Need to sell some of  your home contents too?

Introducing Charleston’s online home contents auctions – the answer to your home moving headaches. A smart and fast way to sell your unwanted contents before you move.

Since 1997, we’ve hosted over 350 home contents auctions for home sellers like you, right across Australia. We were the first to do them and are still considered the best at doing them. We hold these auctions all over Australia and they are held online.

Eager buyers get to bid on your pre-cherished furniture, household items and anything else you no longer need.

Why sell your home contents with Charleston’s?


Why bother trying to sell items on Ebay, Facebook or at yard sales item-by-item? With a Charleston’s online auction, all your household goods could be sold in just a few hours.


With exclusive access to our database with thousands of qualified buyers, our home vendors are always pleased with the results of the auction.


Charleston’s does all the heavy lifting for you. We run the auction online, organise buyer payments and item collection and deliveries. And it comes at zero cost to you.

How your online auction will work

When you work with Charleston’s to sell your home contents, you can clear your house – and your mind. With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, our auctions are a no-brainer.

  • We plan your auction – As soon as you decide you want us to hold your auction, we visit your home to help you identify the items to sell, set any reserve prices and take photos for the online catalogue.
  • We promote your auction – Once the date is set, we send email blasts to our huge database of eager online auction buyers. We also run and pay for an extensive advertising campaign to maximise interest and prices come auction day.
  • We conduct and live stream your auction online – It’s show time! You can watch the auction live online and see your pieces sell as they go under the hammer.
  • We collect – and pass on – ALL sale proceeds to you – At the end of the auction, you’ll receive 100% of the auction hammer price for your sold items. Within 5 days all funds from your sold items will be deposited into your bank account.

Click here to read our vendors recommendations for yourself or we are happy to provide contact details of any previous vendors we have worked with so you can hear from them what a great service we provide.


Are you ready to move onto the next chapter with a lighter load – and more money in your back pocket?

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