Charleston’s invented Home Content Auctions in Australia.

We were the first to do them and are still considered the best at doing them. We hold these auctions all over Australia and they are held online.

We’ve held hundreds of Home Content Auctions and have never had a dissatisfied vendor. We have helped all of them shift unwanted items, clear space, move on and make a profit. Everyone of them has expressed at least a small element of surprise at just how profitable the auction has been. Click here to read our vendors recommendations for yourself or we are happy to provide contact details of any previous vendors we have worked with so you can hear from them what a great service we provide.

This long list of Charleston’s happy vendors say they held their Home Content Auction with us because…

  • All costs are covered – all!
  • Our vendors partake in the auction not just to save money but to make money.
  • There’s even more savings to be had on moving and storage.
  • Your Home Content Auction is professionally promoted via Charleston’s advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook and via direct marketing to our huge database  – The promotion and advertising campaign costs are all covered by Charleston’s – all to promote your goods and to gather the largest crowd of potential online buyers, and turn you the best possible profit.
  • It’s easier, quicker and far more profitable and convenient than listing all the items for sale individually on the internet, at markets or via any other means.
  • The entire auction is held online on one day and it’s done.
  • We come to the property after the auction to coordinate customer pick-ups and deliveries, no one from the public needs to come into your home
  • You get your profits within 5 days of the auction.
  • We take care of everything – from cataloguing, advertising, customers pick-ups and delivery.
  • To help with upsizing, downsizing, relocating, empty nesting, sea changes, splits, unions… you name it – Charleston’s can facilitate the sale of your unwanted contents.
  • Our expert staff will advise you on the value of your items.
  • Charleston’s may augment your belongings with our high-value consigned items to further entice buyers.
  • We have one of the highest clearance rates in the industry.

There’s no reason not to do it. It’s a win-win-win experience.

What can you sell?

Absolutely anything you like!

Furniture, antiques, artworks, white-goods, sporting goods, general household items and bric-a brac  – you name it, we’ve sold it.

A reserve price may be placed on any item at your discretion.  We are happy to give you guidance. There are no out of pocket expenses, we manage the entire project from the get go. Yo don’t need to lift a finger!

The only risk is you may make more money than you thought… and that happens regularly.

Click here for more information about holding your own Home Content Auction with Charleston’s or call 02 9318 2680.


People who have just sold their home, or will be in the very near future, people relocating interstate or overseas, or deceased estate matters.

Otherwise the net is cast wide.

  • Empty nesters, those up-sizing, downsizing, sea change, divorce, marriage, more kids, less kids… for every reason there is to sell a home, there’s an equally valid reason to sell the contents.
  • Smart people who want to recoup some of the money hemorrhaging from property sales.
  • People who don’t want any out of pocket expense to sell their contents.
  • People who want their money quickly, within 5 days.
  • Those who want to save money on moving and storage– less stuff to move and store will save you money.
  • Busy people who haven’t got time to list everything online for sale, set up a market stall or hold a garage sale. We do it all in one day.
  • Those who want to sell items they thought unsalable – or undesirable – you’d be surprised what we can move.
  • Those wanting to de-clutter their lives when setting up a new home.
  • People who understand the power of professionally promoted sales.
  • Those who want us to gather a large online crowd of potential buyers.
  • Those who want to get the best price for their pre-loved items.
  • Those who expect thorough professionalism, reputation, and adherence to government regulations.

If you, a friend, a family member or a neighbour are selling their home, let us know.

Click here to hear from satisfied vendors we have worked with recently or contact us for a copy of our huge reference file.


If you, a family member or friend have recently sold their house or are about to, give us a call on 02 9318 2680 or 0414 567 329 or contact us here.