Adam Kant

Hello, thanks for stopping by, I’m Adam Kant and I’ve been an auctioneer my entire professional career.

I’ve thrown my heart and soul and head into becoming the best auctioneer I can be, in service and in knowledge. I invest my energies into giving you the best possible experience, because connecting with you through art is a pretty special exchange, we deserve for it to be positive.

How’d I get here? There was a bit of a plan, but it wasn’t a finely tuned plan. I was studying for a bachelor of business at UTS when a good friend took me to a gallery opening. It was an exhibition of contemporary Aboriginal art and it changed everything for me.

I did what I could to learn more about it and consequently learnt more about art in general. I fell in love with everything about Australian art (except for some of the snobbery), still I knew that if I could fit art into my professional life I could have a career I was passionate about. And I could possibly do something about making art more accessible.

I’d been friends with Danny for a few years. It was dumb luck that he was relocating to Australia as these art business ideas were formulating in my head. Fast forward and here we are. Charleston’s Fine Art Auctions was born.

Danny and I are great together. Our energies are very similar, our expertise is complimentary and in all regard to our standard of service to you, we are totally aligned.

With any exchange of art there comes an exchange of ideas and a sharing of knowledge. That’s why I’ll endeavor to spread the exchange of fine art to as many people as possible, to share in the experience.

Go the Roosters!

“I don’t know anyone who loves auctioning as much as him. I mean, I love it, but he takes it to another level. He also really enjoys seeing people get a good deal. He genuinely wants people to walk away knowing they did well. He’s a great team player and there’s never a dull moment. The perfect business partner.” Danny Taibel on Adam Kant