We all dream of sitting on an accidental fortune. Living in hope is the main reason shows like the Antiques Roadshow have been so wildly popular for so many decades. This here is the show’s single highest valuation and took one battler from the welfare line to the millionaire’s club..

Imagine this man’s face when he learnt his teacups were worth $1.5million. (Gosh, imagine your own face if you got that news). While calling these libation cups ‘teacups’ may not be technically correct, the astounding valuation by any other name is still an astounding valuation.

This is the highest valuation in the shows history and took the old fella from battler to millionaire in five minutes. Click here for the full story on the valuation.

Here’s a quick look at five of the biggest valuation surprises from the American version of the UK juggernaut.


Rihno horn tea cups, anyone? That’ll be $300,000 per cup, or a cool $1.5mill for the lot.


Imperial jade from the 1700’s, the $1.07million valuation was the previous valuation record holder for the show.


$400,000 – An orginal Snoopy given by the artist Shultz as a thank you in the mid 70s. The owner was happy to hear her previous $40,000 valuation was way off.