Hugo & Ziggy Go To The Biennale by Jasper Knight

There are very few modern Australian artists whose work is so idiosyncratically identifiable as Jasper Knight’s. He’s bright, bold, graphic and prolific. His popularity is due as much to his ‘discarded’ subject matter as it is to the unique construction materials he works with, opting for surfaces like Masonite and plywood that emulate this ‘discarded’ and constructionist mentality.

Combing surfaces such as Perspex with shiny enamel paint gives Knight’s work an ultra high gloss that makes it a favourite amongst art buyers.

Jasper himself is a highly awarded artist. A 7 time finalist in the Archibald Prize, a 5 time finalist for the Wynne Prize, and the winner of the 2012 Doug Moran Portrait Prize with his painting of revered Australian artist Jeffrey Smart.

Knight’s work is not only highly decorative, his 14 year legacy of solo and group art shows and his various accolades, awards and grants ensures his name will go down in the annuls of art history as a prolific modern Australian artist.

The Jasper Knight artworks Charleston’s offers at auction scream of a slick, retro modern aesthetic, making them perfect for a variety of home environments.  There’s rarely an auction that carries a Knight that isn’t sold.

We don’t expect the Alexandria auction to be any different.