Mornington Feature Artists – Bruce Earles

Bruce Earles  Phantom Bird Cove

Bold, bright and busy. These are the hallmarks of one of Australia’s most celebrated and popular modern artists. But there’s more to Bruce and his work than a bird’s eye view of landscapes.

Born in 1953, Earles’ first forays into formal art education came via Monash Uni in Melbourne  in 1979 where he earned his Grad Diploma in Art Education. He rejoined academia in the late 90’s and was awarded his Masters (Hons) from Western Sydney Uni in 1998, and a doctorate in 2002.  He’s the epitome of what you’d call a professional artists.

In between his uni careers Earles embarked on his true artist’s life education. Like many artists Earles was captivated by New York, eventually settling here after his original tour of the US and resulting first major Melbourne exhibition. Bruce’s own personal sense of being in a place cannot help but carry through to his works. Whilst some say his current offerings are distinctly Australian, others say that the sense of place and being absorbed within the canvas are idiosyncratically Bruce Earles domain.

His influence upon the local art scene is profound. From the start he was a member of the Fringe Arts Group and ArtWorkers’ Union. He later became a member of the infamous ROAR collective in 1982 which sought to breakaway from the conventional art scene at the tome.  It was here that he really came into his own, pioneering his distinctive, bold style.

‘Uplifting narratives and riotous colour define Earles’ naive ‘Roar’ painting style. Richly textured, his stylistic works explore the potential for a harmonious and celebratory community identity. Sweeping his canvas with an infectious enthusiasm for life, Earles continues to display the passion and exuberance from the heady days of the ‘Roar’ collective and the influences of New York City, along the way, adding in the patience for detail.’ Art Nomad.

And it’s this style of work that we know and love today. With maturity Earles has refined and developed his aesthetic to a point that he is one of the most collectable, enjoyed, shared and loved Australian modern artists.

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