Bronzes: Danny & Adam Discuss

Bronze Sculptures: A Discussion With Danny & Adam


“We never really promote them, they just sell.”


Early on Tuesday morning, June 17 a special delivery truck arrived at the warehouse with a select array of beautiful, large and small bronze sculptures.

The whole team paused as we peered into the crate at the wonders within.

It was breathtaking. We ahhhhed in unison.

So now Danny and Adam take a moment to discuss the Bronze Sculptures and explain why they’re so popular.

Adam: They’re beautiful decorative pieces and they suit any interior. The array of styles that we have; modern, contemporary, classical, abstract, art deco and art nouveau, means everyone finds something that suits their tastes. We never really promote them, they just sell.

Danny: It’s a great way to decorate the home. Decorating doesn’t just mean it has to be art on a wall. You’ve got coffee tables, mantles, the entry, the garden…

Adam: Bronzes are metal alloy so they wont rust; indoors or outdoors.

Danny: Whilst we’re known for our paintings, the bronzes have always been solid sellers for us. In fact no one in Australia sells more bronzes than we do. I mean, when you think about it, where else can you get a quality bronze? It’s just not that easy to find a bronze.

Adam: Hands down – no one sells more bronzes than we do. We know the market, we know what people like, and our turnover indicates our customers appreciate the deals on offer. But that’s what an auction will always deliver – a better price than any retail environment.

Danny: We keep the variety there for the customers too, so they can grab something from $100 up to $5000, for a piece that’s 15cm high up to an impressive 2 and a half meters.

Adam: We’ve seen what’s in the shipment and I can honestly say I would happily take a few of these into my own home. The Henry Moore style is so impressive, I can’t stop looking at it, it’s gorgeous.

Danny: You see what’s happening here right? It’s safe to say there’s going to be one less bronze in the catalogue this weekend. But they are pretty cool, I can’t blame him, I’m really very impressed. Maybe there’ll be two less…


The new Bronze sculptures see the light of day this weekend at both the Mornington and Springwood auctions. These pieces will not last long, we expect them to all be sold within the month. Be there to take advantage of the great prices and stunning selection in this new shipment. Happy bidding.